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Marine Grade Vinyl Our polyester re-inforced backing does not soak up water and is highly resistant to mildew and rot. Some cover manufacturers use cheap furniture vinyl with an absorbent cotton backing, and pass it off as 'Marine-Grade'. Proline Covers are manufactured from heavy weight (30oz) true marine grade vinyl, treated with UV protection and mildew inhibitors.
Vapour Barrier Steam barrier protection with sealed polyethylene wrap. Keeps water vapour away from the insulating cores of the cover.
2 Year Warranty

Proline Covers 'no hassle' 2 Year Warranty is provided as standard on all our covers. Other UK suppliers of hot tub covers have far higher 'problem' and 'fault' rates because their covers are hand-drawn, measured and marked out by hand with marker pens, then cut by hand, introducing high margins of error. Proline Covers are designed on computers, then the vinyl and foam is cut using computer controlled machinery from the same computer design files, ensuring absolute accuracy, finish and fit.

Proline Covers Warranty is simple and straightforward :

  • If its our fault - we fix it at our expense
  • If it's your fault - we fix it at your expense
Fast Problem Resolution

Should you ever encounter any issues with your cover and need either a replacement vinyl outer or inner insulating cores, Proline Covers guarantee to provide the replacement f a s t.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Underside Material

The underside material of the cover that faces the water takes the most abuse. It's also the first line of defence in preventing chemical damage and moisture infiltration, and must be durable enough to withstand the constant dragging from removing the cover from the spa. Proline Covers are manufactured using a double laminated reinforced, chemical and ozone resistant 12oz scrim. This material is so strong (it's constructed similarly to rip-stop- nylon) that it's used internally throughout the cover to reinforce the double stitching. This heavy duty and rugged protective underside is tailored in the same way as the rest of the vinyl cover; making for a well-fitting tailored finish and fit.

Compare this with the stretchy and weak mesh 'net' that is frequently found under spa covers made in the UK. Such materials offer little protection against chemical fumes and vapours reaching the foam insulating cores. The net mesh is also very 'stretchy', and this means that the vinyl cover skin always looks wrinkly and baggy - like the cover doesn't fit properly. All such covers can only be given a one year warranty, because the materials used will always allow moisture to get into the foam inserts.

Storm Straps

Integrated Storm Straps provide convenient and easy extra secure fastenings for your cover. Great for windy locations. Why not include factory-fitted storm straps into your new cover order? ASK your local Proline Covers Dealer for a demonstration.

After-market Proline Storm Strap kits using the same extra-wide webbing as our integrated storm straps are also available. ASK your local Proline Covers dealer for information.

Insulating Cores

Most other hot tub covers offer just one choice of insulating foam cores. But one solution does not suit all applications. Proline Covers offer FOUR grades of cover so you can choose to invest in additional insulation and save money in running costs because you have a more efficient cover.

Proline Cover Insulating Core Options

  • Premium Cover with No. 10 Foam, 4 inch to 2 inch taper
  • Premium Plus Cover with No. 15 Foam, 4 inch to 2 inch taper
  • Deluxe Cover with No. 20 Foam, 5 inch to 3 inch taper
  • Ultimate Cover with No. 25 Foam, 6 inch to 4 inch taper

The foam cores in Proline Covers are made from virgin materials, not re-formed or recycled which frequently contain impurities and are of a lesser density than virgin foam.

Hinge With the current trend of cover lifting devices (which we highly believe in) the hinge is one of the most well-used parts of a cover. The hinge in Proline Covers is constructed of the same high quality vinyl as the rest of the outer cover. It is not simply two halves of the cover sewn together, but is a one piece hinge, four layers thick, double stitched into each half of the cover.
Tie-Down Straps Each cover comes standard with four tie-down straps equipped with locking child resistant safety latches. To assure the integrity and prevent the straps from ripping out (perhaps from high winds), the straps are sewn into the cover in four places, including the skirt. This makes them virtually tear-proof. Besides aiding in keeping out unwanted visitors, the tie-downs, when properly used help to prevent strong winds from blowing off the cover. There is also the option of additional tie-downs. The "locking latches" are moulded after the quick release buckles found on sports equipment and have been specifically designed for spas! Each NMF Fastener may be locked down individually. They are quickly installed with three stainless steel screws (provided).
Handles Unlike the handles on many covers which tend to be a weak point, Proline Covers handles have been designed and engineered to be one of the strongest! Handles are great when the cover is new, but over a long period of time most covers eventually get a bit heavier. Cover handles, having such a small attachment area can be easily torn off, sometimes tearing the cover. Our cover's handles are made of extremely strong, 1-1/2" wide nylon webbing, then covered in the same vinyl as the rest of the cover. Fully integrated into the spa cover, additional stitching and internal reinforcing makes them some of the strongest available.

The skirt of a cover is another of the many important parts. It needs to properly protect the lip of your spa from the damaging rays of the sun, and be strong enough to use for lifting your cover. Proline Covers skirts are double stitched into the cover for strength, and gusseted to provide the best protection!

One piece continuous skirts, which are easier to manufacture, have many inherent problems when compared to skirts that are gusseted (also called "slitted"). Gusseted skirts will hang much straighter and have less tendency to bunch-up under the cover, preventing a proper seal between the cover and the spa. The skirts are double sewn into the cover for extra strength and strong enough to lift even the heaviest of covers.

Zips The zippers are one of the lesser important parts of a cover. However if anything heavy is ever put on your cover causing the foam to bow you'll want to remove and turn over the inner foam core. For this reason we only use non-corrosive zippers. Besides having the largest teeth available (prevents debris from causing them to stick), they're rust and chemical corrosion proof. And of course they're quadruple stitched for added strength.
Thread With the entire cover being stitched together, the thread is also an important aspect to consider (some cover manufacturers heat seal their vinyl together, but the seams tend to become very brittle in the hot sun and freezing cold). The thread used in our covers is a No.93, UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester thread. The polyester part is what is important, unlike cotton thread it won't rot in a short period of time, and the UV resistance prevents any degradation from the sun. "Bonded" means that it's actually water tight and can't absorb mildew causing moisture. The No.93 is the weight of the thread and the entire cover is double stitched (except for the hinge which is quadruple stitched).

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"I hired the hot tub for my birthday, what a wonderful experience.  It gave us time to talk in a relaxed unhurried way.  I loved waking up early and listening to the birds - relaxing before I started work." 

"I had all my friends around for a party and we all had a really amazing time!!!  They all said they wished they had one!!!  It was awesome!  Oh and the staff were really helpful as I called up at 11.30 to say I turned it off.  I was so grateful they saved me."   

" New Years Eve at Midnight, myself and friends relaxing in the hot tub with champagne to hand, watching the stars, then we see a nearby firework display in the sky.  Absolutely fantastic. 

"Very relaqxing and addictive.  Nice at night with the lights on and the jets going"

"I really enjoy having the hot tub, it's lovely getting up and being able to get straight in, it's a nice place to relax and talk to friends, and I really miss it when its gone!"


"This hot tub is smashing, we had a great chat, it was very relaxing - one of the things you must have." 



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