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Premium No. 10 foam with 4 inch to 2 inch taper £336.00
Premium Plus No. 15 foam with 4 inch to 2 inch taper £395.00
Deluxe No. 20 foam with 5 inch to 3 inch taper £447.00
Ultimate No. 25 foam with 6 inch to 4 inch taper £540.00

The price is valid for any size of ‘standard’ shape cover where the width or length is not more than 96 inches. Choose from the widest choice of vinyl colours available in the replacement hot tub cover market - all colours the same price.

We can make large covers (even over 96 inches) as well as special shaped covers (e.g. heart, kidney, etc) and covers requiring flaps for raised speakers or waterfalls. These may require a template and will be quoted on request.

Continuous Heat Seal
Full length hinge heat seal
Long Straps (over 8 inches and less than 16 inches)
price for 4
£15.50 add-on (for 4)
Long Skirt (6 inches and over, but less than 10 inches) £27.50
Factory-Fitted Storm Straps
Built-in to the cover 2x non-locking extra wide pull-tight Storm Straps with cam buckles. Great for spas in windy locations.
£27.75 (for 2)

Gazebo Handles
Handles on the spine of the folded cover for handling the cover in confined spaces

£25.50 (pair)
Additional Strap
The standard is 4. Extra straps available if required
£9.70 each
Additional Handle
The standard is 2. Extra handles available if required
£18.50 each
Contact your dealer for delivery charges. Price indicated is suggested delivery charge to mainland UK destinations.
Spa Cap
Protective vinyl 'cap' to provide extra protection and keep your cover in perfect condition. Particularly useful during the winter to keep adverse weather out.
7' x 7'
8' x 8'
Spa Blanket
Heavy duty 1/4" thick floating blanket of closed-cell 2lb foam. Dramatically reduces evaporation and reduces spa running costs.
spa blanket
6' x 6'
7' x 7'
8' x 8'

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"I hired the hot tub for my birthday, what a wonderful experience.  It gave us time to talk in a relaxed unhurried way.  I loved waking up early and listening to the birds - relaxing before I started work." 

"I had all my friends around for a party and we all had a really amazing time!!!  They all said they wished they had one!!!  It was awesome!  Oh and the staff were really helpful as I called up at 11.30 to say I turned it off.  I was so grateful they saved me."   

" New Years Eve at Midnight, myself and friends relaxing in the hot tub with champagne to hand, watching the stars, then we see a nearby firework display in the sky.  Absolutely fantastic. 

"Very relaqxing and addictive.  Nice at night with the lights on and the jets going"

"I really enjoy having the hot tub, it's lovely getting up and being able to get straight in, it's a nice place to relax and talk to friends, and I really miss it when its gone!"


"This hot tub is smashing, we had a great chat, it was very relaxing - one of the things you must have." 



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