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American hot tub covers, delivered through a UK & European Network of Dealers in Four (4) weeks. Quality and service previously unseen in the UK hot tub cover industry.

Proline Covers are the only cover available in the UK designed and manufactured using CAD/CAM technology - where computer designed covers are manufactured using computer controlled machines - ensuring absolute accuracy.

Compare this to typical UK-made covers that are marked out by hand using steel rulers and marker pens from hand-made drawings, then cut by hand making an 'estimated' allowance for stitching - a bit 'hit-and-miss' by any standards!

Proline Covers are American hot tub covers made to our exacting standards using the very best materials that are only available in USA. No manufacturer in the UK has access to these extremely high quality materials that were originally developed for the marine and sail making industry in USA, and then evolved further for use in the American hot tub cover industry. Marine grade vinyl and marine grade thread from USA is a quantum leap beyond that currently available in the UK, where false claims that cheap furniture vinyl is 'marine grade' are not unknown.

Proline covers are manufactured using high quality virgin polystyrene foam and offer the highest level of heat retention for any cover anywhere in the World. We use high-tech computer controlled machines to cut the insulating foam cores using CAD designs. The cut edges are sealed by the action of cutting, producing a very accurate finish that is resistant to water ingress. Compare that to the low quality re-formed foam used by UK manufacturers; marked out using a steel tape and marker pen, then cut using a hand held DIY jig saw as close to the line as the operator can get, leaving an uneven and open jagged cut that is prone to water ingress.

First in the UK - Proline Covers feature optional integrated storm straps. Great for windy locations and no messing around with long lengths of that thin webbing that others aftermarket storm strap kits provide. You know the ones, thin web that cuts into the foam cover and really tricky to get the right tension when screwing on the clips. Proline integrated Storm Straps with 2" webbing and pull-tight cam buckles.

Proline covers are NOT to be confused with any other UK made spa cover - we only use exceptionally high grade materials to custom make you spa cover in ANY dimensions - up to 96 inches, and beyond! AND delivered in 4 weeks.

Proline Covers brings you the very best Hot Tub Covers available anywhere. These spa covers are of the very highest quality with energy efficiency built-in that will save you money. Our manufacturing and safety standards are second to none in the industry. Peace of mind with a warranty like no other. You'll discover why our Hot Tub covers are way ahead of the competition.

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"I hired the hot tub for my birthday, what a wonderful experience.  It gave us time to talk in a relaxed unhurried way.  I loved waking up early and listening to the birds - relaxing before I started work." 

"I had all my friends around for a party and we all had a really amazing time!!!  They all said they wished they had one!!!  It was awesome!  Oh and the staff were really helpful as I called up at 11.30 to say I turned it off.  I was so grateful they saved me."   

" New Years Eve at Midnight, myself and friends relaxing in the hot tub with champagne to hand, watching the stars, then we see a nearby firework display in the sky.  Absolutely fantastic. 

"Very relaqxing and addictive.  Nice at night with the lights on and the jets going"

"I really enjoy having the hot tub, it's lovely getting up and being able to get straight in, it's a nice place to relax and talk to friends, and I really miss it when its gone!"


"This hot tub is smashing, we had a great chat, it was very relaxing - one of the things you must have." 



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