Party Tub / Spa Hire

Do you deliver into my area?

Our delivery covers a 15 mile radius of Lymington, Hampshire.  We do go outside this area but fuel surcharge applies.

How many people can the hot tub accommodate?

Our hot tubs are designed to take 5 / 6 adults.

How much space will I need?

You will need a space of about 7 feet.  If hiring a Gazebo you will need a space in excess of 3 m x 3 m.

Where can I have the hot tub installed?

A flat outside location.

How do you fill the hot tub?

We fill the hot tub using your cold water mains.

How long does it take to reach the required temperature?

Eight hours.

Does the Hot Tub need to be connected all the time?


How much does the hot tub weigh.

When empty the hot tub weighs 115 kilos. (250 lb)
When full the hot tub can weigh 1275 kilos. (2800 lb)

How does the hot tub maintain its temperature?

In order to maintain a constant temperature, the hot tub needs to be connected to a 13 amp electricity supply and the cover should be kept on the tub when not in use.

What about the electrical safety?

The hot tub is supplied with a residual safety device (RCD) for your comfort and safety.

How do we check the water quality?

We issue a full set of written instructions as well as verbal instruction on delivery.  We include a full chemical kit to ensure that your water is sanitised, clear and safe.

Do we need any special electrical or plumbing requirements?

No.  All you need is a standard cold water tap and a 13 amp socket.

What water temperature will the hot tub go to?

The most popular temperature is between 36 to 39 degrees.

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If you have a question that is not answered by the above please call us on 01590 688288 or use the contact form to ask your question.

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Hire Agreement

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"I hired the hot tub for my birthday, what a wonderful experience.  It gave us time to talk in a relaxed unhurried way.  I loved waking up early and listening to the birds - relaxing before I started work." 

"I had all my friends around for a party and we all had a really amazing time!!!  They all said they wished they had one!!!  It was awesome!  Oh and the staff were really helpful as I called up at 11.30 to say I turned it off.  I was so grateful they saved me."   

" New Years Eve at Midnight, myself and friends relaxing in the hot tub with champagne to hand, watching the stars, then we see a nearby firework display in the sky.  Absolutely fantastic. 

"Very relaqxing and addictive.  Nice at night with the lights on and the jets going"

"I really enjoy having the hot tub, it's lovely getting up and being able to get straight in, it's a nice place to relax and talk to friends, and I really miss it when its gone!"


"This hot tub is smashing, we had a great chat, it was very relaxing - one of the things you must have." 



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